Meet Morgan!


Meet 19-year-old Morgan. She was diagnosed with Achondroplastic Dwarfism, which causes impaired bone growth. She also has hypotonia. Morgan tires easily and can only walk for short distances. She has other challenges but remains cheerful.


Morgan has a variety of interests. She listens to pop music, and her favorite artists are Harry Styles and 1 Direction. She likes going to Caladesi Island with her family. Her passion, however, is dancing. She is even a cheerleader for the Special Olympics. Morgan is a very determined girl to be the best cheerleader ever. She always works her hardest to accomplish goals. Morgan also loves meeting new people and making friends. People are drawn to her empathetic and kindly nature. Clearly, the true measure is not by Morgan’s stature, but by her heart, which is immeasurable.


Morgan received a Rifton therapy bicycle to increase her leg strength and stamina. She will have fun being active on the bike, too. We are grateful to the St. Pete Glitter Queens for improving Morgan’s quality of life and for being her sponsor!