Meet 20-year-old Okieve. He was born in Jamaica and seemed to be a healthy boy. Unfortunately, Okieve  began having muscle weakness and seizures. Jamaican doctors could not diagnose his illness.  Okieve moved to America and was diagnosed in 2016 with multiple illnesses, including epilepsy and cerebral palsy. He has good upper body strength but needs aid to walk and stand. Okieve is unhindered despite his challenges.


Okieve has various interests. He is a huge fan of WWE wrestling. Okieve gets excited whenever he visits the Georgia Aquarium—his favorite animals are whales and dolphins. Okieve also has an amazing collection of shoes—he likes going out and showing people the shoes he’s wearing. Most importantly, Okieve has a great personality. He is confident and strong willed. He does not give up!  All who meet him understand he power of Okieve’s heart.


Okieve needs a Freedom Concepts therapy tricycle to improve his leg strength, balance, and stamina. These will help his ability to walk. The trike will also be great fun for him to ride. Please be his sponsor!