Meet Olivia!


Meet six-year-old Olivia. She was diagnosed with dystonia and another muscular disorder which has not yet been identified. She has muscle weakness and fatigues easily after walking short distances. This little girl enjoys her life despite these trials.


Olivia has several interests. She watches the show LEGO Ninjago and Gaby’s Dollhouse. Her favorite movies are Boss Baby and Coco. Olivia prefers going to the park during nice weather. She also attends school, and her favorite subjects are music and art. Olivia has a wonderful spirit, too. She is a bit on the sassy side, but this only makes her more adorable. She is a bundle of energy and keeping up with her is a full-time job! Most of all, Olivia is kind to everybody. Meet Olivia. She is unforgettable and inspirational!


Olivia received a folding power scooter to give her independence for long distances. She will also be able to use it at school to get from classroom to classroom. Special thanks to her sponsor the Scaife Family Foundation!