Meet Olivia!


Meet eight-year-old Olivia. She was diagnosed with a chromosomal disorder known as Prader-Willi syndrome, which affects her in numerous ways. She struggles keeping her balance and cannot walk long distances. Olivia, because of this limitation, has a strong fear of falling. She can speak but has a hard time being understood. She also cannot feel full after eating. Olivia has other trials, but she remains remarkable.


Olivia has several interests. She is a fan of shows, films, and books featuring animals, especially cats and dogs. She has a pet boxer named Jax. She participates in equine therapy, too. Olivia uses an impressive imagination to play with a zoo-sized collection of stuffed toys. Olivia has more interests, but she is best defined as a wonderful girl. She is a joker who has a magical way of making people smile. She works hard to speak her mind and knows how to be her own advocate. She is determined to succeed in all of her goals. Simply said, Olivia is beautiful in every way. Olivia is a blessing to her family and to anyone she meets. She is perfect and truly makes our world a better place.


Olivia needs a wheelchair to provide her with safer and better independence. Please be her sponsor!