Meet Owen!



Meet six-year-old Owen. He was diagnosed with hydrocephalus and cerebral palsy.  He had two surgeries on his hips. He has muscle weakness and can only walk with assistance. Owen manages to have a fun childhood despite his limitations.


Owen has an array of interests. He watches the show Super Readers on PBS Kids. He listens to blue grass music, and his favorite performer is Ricky Scaggs. He likes playing with lights and sound toys. Owen enjoys family outings going to the beach. He also spends quality time with his dad by helping him to cook. Owen, most of all, is joyful. A smile never leaves his face. He is compassionate and loving. He works hard to overcome his challenges and pushes through it all without complaining. This boy  is aptly named. Owen is a  young fighter.


Owen needs a Freedom Concepts therapy bike to improve his overall leg strength and balance. He will also have a great time riding the bike outdoors. Please be his sponsor!