Meet Patrick!

Meet three-year-old Patrick. He was born with a chromosomal abnormality and more complications. He has suffered through pneumonia and numerous surgeries. He is able to walk but depends mostly on a wheelchair. Patrick is nonverbal and communicates through sign language. This little guy is happy despite these and other trials.


Patrick has various interests. He is a HUGE fan of the Paw Patrol movie and show. He listens to a range of music, including his favorite group, Panic at the Disco. Patrick may even be an aspiring musician—he loves playing on his guitar. He also has fun playing video games with his brother. Patrick, most importantly, is a great kid. He is outgoing and enjoys being around people. He is affectionate and LOVES hugs and cuddles. Meet Patrick. Hold him close and he is impossible to let go. He is always in our hearts.          


Patrick received a ramp to make his home safer and more accessible. His house has steps, and it was becoming increasingly harder for his parents to lift him over the steps. Thanks to Herbert Bearman for being his sponsor!!