Meet Payson!

Meet eight-year-old Payson. She was born a healthy little girl. Payson was developing normally, until she had a series of setbacks, including kidney disease and developmental delay. Doctors eventually diagnosed her with white matter auto immune disorder. She can no longer walk and needs assistance with daily living skills. Payson, despite losing many abilities, remains upbeat and joyful.


Payson has a few interests. She is a fan of tv shows and channels featuring animals. Her favorite outing is visiting horse ranches. She has a service dog named Bella, and they are cuddle buddies! However, Payson loves cuddling with anybody. She is highly affectionate. She is also a strong girl, and nothing gets her down. She is aptly named. Payson defines peace.


Payson received a Freedom Concepts therapy bicycle to improve her leg strength and overall health. She is looking forward to being able to ride a bike, too. Special thanks to the Tony Stewart Foundation for being her sponsor!