Meet 20-year-old Phillip. Two years ago, this young man was the tragic victim of a shooting. The incident caused a spinal cord injury and left him confined to a manual wheelchair. He has left-sided weakness and needs help with certain tasks, such as using utensils. Phillip has overcome these and other trials despite the challenges.


Phillip has a variety of interests. He watches dramas and alien documentaries. He listens to underground rap music. Phillip is a sports fan, too. He used to be athletic before the injury. He played football, basketball, and even continues to participate in rugby. He also loves hanging out with his friends. Phillip, most of all, is a great guy. He is kind to everybody. He is highly intelligent. Phillip strives to be independent and works hard to accomplish his goals without help. Meet Phillip. He transformed tragedy into triumph and obstacles into opportunities!         


Phillip needs a manual wheelchair. His old chair is too small and uncomfortable. The new equipment will provide him with appropriate support and posture while maintaining his level of independence. Please be his sponsor!