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Bail: $3000.00

AKA – “Caveman”

CRIME:  Foul Play

Assistant GM Washington Nationals in Charge of Player Development.

Bail: $3,000.00

Crime:  Foul Play

Randy Knorr – AKA “Caveman” has dedicated his entire life to baseball and will do anything to get his team the big win.  He has 2 World Series Rings but the road to winning the big games comes with a lot of speculation as to how they were won!

As a catcher for the Toronto Blue Jays during their Hey Day, Randy knew that his special talent could help influence the outcome of the games!  Before each game during the World Series run, he would find a local Mexican Restaurant and order the Big Bean Burrito special along with extra hot sauce.  Each time he had to bend down into a catcher’s position, the umpire behind him would be assaulted with gaseous fumes that would not only cause a gag reflex, but would cause the official’s eyes to water and blur his vision, causing him to signal for a strike or foul ball.  Many umpires assaulted with Randy’s flatulence never returned to the game and have suffered from flashbacks every time they hear a car back-fire.

Randy Knorr has been a staunch supporter of Wheelchairs 4 Kids since inception.  He played professional baseball for 18 years before moving into Coaching 10 years ago.  He is known as a Player’s Coach.  Please help Randy get out of jail today!  Ask your friends to donate too.  Perhaps you can be an accomplice for this great guy who truly cares about our kids!  Your donation will impact a child’s life!