Meet Raphael!



Meet nine-year-old Raphael. He was diagnosed with spina bifida and Hydrocephalus. He is unable to walk but finds unique ways to accomplish other daily living skills. Raphael, in this way and more, is a remarkable boy.


Raphael has several interests. He is a Power Ranger fan, and his favorite is the Red Ranger. He listens to all types of music except for heavy metal. He likes books and is currently reading The Magic Treehouse series. He loves attending sporting events. Raphael even participates in basketball and sled hockey. Raphael’s name describes him perfectly. Resilient. Awesome. Positive. Happy. Amazingly Energetic. Loving!


Raphael received a mobile stander to improve his independence. The walker will also provide more exercise. The Rifton Mobile Stander was donated to our Equipment Closet by a local family. Raphael and his family are grateful for the generous donors!