Meet Reitzel!



Meet 12-year-old Reitzel. She was born prematurely and suffered many complications. She was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and has endured several surgeries, including procedures on her hips. She cannot walk or stand without assistance. She uses a gait trainer for independent mobility. Reitzel has many more challenges, but she remains a joyful child.


Reitzel has fun in numerous ways. Her favorite show is Uncle Moshi. She listens to lively and upbeat music. She enjoys making beautiful pictures by painting and coloring. Reitzel even likes the simplest things in life—somebody talking to this lovely girl makes her day. She has a giggle and smile that says, “Come and talk to me! I’m adorable!” Reitzel is thankful for everything in her life, including the people who care for her needs. If somebody asks  Reitzel who is her best friend, she will point to her caregiver and then give a look of loving awe. The determined child never quits goals until they are accomplished. Meet Reitzel. She is the perfect example of inspiration, motivation, and kindness. She is our hero.


Reitzel needed an adaptive tricycle to improve her leg strength and balance. This will also help her to walk. Thanks to a sponsorship from The Brooklyn Bridge Rotary Club, Wheelchairs 4 Kids was able to help assist Reitzel obtain the Adaptive Tricycle that she needed!