Meet Rex!



Meet five-year-old Rex. He was diagnosed with multiple conditions, including epilepsy, hypotonia, and Microcephaly. He is nonverbal and completely dependent on his family for everyday tasks. Rex, however, remains a happy boy.


Rex has numerous interests. He enjoys watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and listening to its fun soundtrack. He loves playing with toys that light up or make music—his favorite is the maracas. He likes going on relaxing car rides with his family, too. His favorite destination is an accessible park that also provides water attractions during the summer. Most of all, Rex is a great kid. He is always happy, and it takes a lot for him to cry. Mom describes her son as a miracle. Maybe this little boy should be nicknamed T-Rex. Tough-o-Saurus Rex!


Rex needs a stroller to provide proper support and comfort while also making transportation easier. He has an old stroller that is too small. Please be his sponsor!