Meet Rock!



Meet 16-year-old Rock. He was a healthy and typical boy until two years ago. He suddenly became infected with bacteria that caused Transverse Myelitis, which affects the spinal cord and creates numerous challenges. He has extreme muscle weakness in his legs and uses braces and a walker. However, he spends most of his time in a wheelchair for independent mobility. Rock, despite this tragedy, remains strong.


Rock has many cool interests. He is a fan of the Boston Red Socks. His favorite films are from the epic Star Wars saga. He likes playing video games and listening to the Fallout soundtrack. This young man also has an impressive collection of rocks from places that he visited. Most importantly, he is a great guy. Rock is highly empathetic and can pick up when somebody is having a bad day. He immediately tries to make them feel better. He can get people to laugh with his quick sarcastic wit. He is motivated and pushes through every obstacle. He is aptly named. He is truly a Rock star.


Rock needed an adaptive bicycle to help him interact in social settings and regain normalcy. The bike will also provide more motivation and important exercise. Thanks to The Orlando Elks Lodge’s help with sponsoring Rock; we were able to help Rock obtain the Adaptive Bike that he needed!