Meet Ryland!



Meet five-year-old Ryland. This brave boy had a very difficult beginning. He has multiple illnesses that cause severe heart problems and joint contractures. Ryland has endured many traumas, including heart failure, resulting in long hospitalizations. He requires assistance when walking long distances. He works hard to be independent, though. He is also a happy boy.


Ryland has many interests. He is a fan of shows starring Spiderman. He is an avid book reader and has his own miniature library. Ryland’s favorite outing is visiting Dolly Wood to see the bird shows. He also loves to draw imaginative pictures. Most importantly. Ryland is a great kid. He is highly advanced for his age and can talk about a variety of subjects—he even sounds like a little adult. He has an infectious sense of humor that spreads with every laugh! Meet Ryland. His life had a traumatic start. He is now thriving and that is his triumph!


Ryland needed a vehicle lift to make transportation easier and safer with his wheelchair. Special thanks to a grant through the Innovating Worthy Project, Wheelchairs 4 Kids was able to help assist Ryland obtain the vehicle lift that he needed!