Meet Saanvi!



Meet two-year-old Saanvi. She was diagnosed with a rare metabolic disorder that causes numerous challenges. She is mostly nonverbal. She is unable to walk. Saanvi can sit upright when she is feeling strong. Saanvi is joyful even with her difficult illness.


Saanvi has simple but important interests for a fun childhood. She watches the popular show Cocomelon. She listens to classical music. She likes playing with interactive toys that make noises. Saanvi also relaxes by taking strolls through a local park and looking at nature. She is very curious about her world and tries anything new. Saanvi loves interacting and talking with people, even though most of her words are babble—it is still adorable! Saanvi is not able to do much, but she is determined and always tries her best. This little girl does not need to work hard at one thing. For her, inspiring us all with her cuteness and courage come naturally!


Saanvi needed a stander to help strengthen her legs and become more independent. With the help of a sponsorship from a lovely lady named Kelli Brown, we were able to help Saanvi get the Stander she needed!