Meet Samson!


Meet seven-year-old Samson. He was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, which causes several challenges. Sammy uses leg braces and needs assistance to walk, which he does on the tips of his toes. He has a stroller for long distances. Sammy has more trials, but he maintains a happy heart through it all.


Sammy enjoys various cool pastimes. He is a fan of the Transformers films and action figures, and his favorite character is the heroic Optimus Prime. He attends school and is always eager to learn math. He also enjoys Go Karts, canoeing, swimming, and drawing. Sammy has other interests, but these are not as important as his personality. He has learned to adapt to every challenge. Sammy is outgoing and smiles at everybody. He is described as a perfect little boy. And, he has a perfectly big heart.


Sammy received a therapy bicycle at our annual Jail and Bail event. The bike will help to improve his ability to walk by promoting better leg strength and balance. He can also have fun riding the trike outdoors. Sammy was so excited when he saw his new bike! Special thanks to the Broadrick Foundation for sponsoring his new therapy bike!