Meet Sarah!



Meet 12-year-old Sarah. She was diagnosed with a severe form of epilepsy. Sarah suffers from drop seizures, which causes a sudden loss of muscle strength and can afflict her almost 20 times daily. The more seizures Sarah endures, the less she can walk. Sarah, despite her difficult illness, is a sweetheart.


Sarah has numerous interests. She is a fan of cooking shows starring Bobby Flay.  Sarah used to participate in gymnastics and Karate, but now she discovered a new passion. She enjoys all arts and crafts as a stress reliever, but painting is her main focus. She received an easel, canvas, and varieties of paints for Christmas. Sarah, however,  is best described as loving. Sarah does not care about gifts under her Christmas tree. To her, being with family is more important. She is generous and shares everything, even her school lunch with less fortunate kids. Sarah also donates her clothes and toys that she no longer needs. She is aptly named. Sarah means princess, except in her case, she treats everybody else like royalty! We all love her!


Sarah needed a power wheelchair. She cannot use a regular chair because her arms could get stuck after a drop seizure. A motorized chair is her safest option to be independent. Thanks to a grant through Bristol Hansen of Brevard, we were able to help Sarah obtain the Power Wheelchair that she needed!