Meet Sebastian!


Meet six-year-old Sebastian. This brave boy suffered a lot from his first days. He was born five weeks prematurely. He was unable to gain weight after birth and could not retain food. He was diagnosed with failure to thrive. Doctors inserted a g-tube and trach after he endured chronic respiratory failure. He spent two months in the hospital with these frightening ordeals. These insurmountable challenges are a result of Sebastian’s primary illness, down syndrome. He also has hypotonia and club feet. He walks, but this is tough given his conditions. Sebastian is cognitively delayed and nonverbal, although he is able to sign a few words to communicate. Sebastian is joyful despite his life’s hardships.


Sebastian enjoys a number of pastimes. He watches Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, but his favorite character is Elmo on Sesame Street. He listens to all types of music—his preferred artists are Bruno Mars and Ed Sheeran. He likes books and toys that make sounds and stimulate his senses. He loves visiting water parks and splash pads. Simply playing in the bathtub also puts a smile on Sebastian’s face. He sometimes wants to take walks in his stroller. Sebastian, most importantly, has a strong personality. He is known to be opinionated and stubborn, but these qualities exemplify his determined spirit. Sebastian knows what he wants and goes after it. He wants, more than anything else, to have a fun life. He achieves it, too. He has tough illnesses, but they are no match for Sebastian!


Sebastian was granted a Rifton adaptive tricycle to improve his leg strength and endurance, thanks to his sponsor Patrick Bene at Bene’s Career Academy. The trike will also give Sebastian opportunities to explore and observe his surroundings. He is so thrilled to be able to ride safely and happily on his new piece of equipment!