Meet Seth!



Meet 12-year-old Seth. Seth was diagnosed with a very rare, progressive neurological disorder known as H-ABC leukodystrophy when he was about four years old. He met all his normal baby milestones, but he wasn’t walking. At first, the doctors thought he may have cerebral palsy, but after multiple tests at various hospitals throughout the US, he was then properly diagnosed. He is unable to walk due to the spasticity in his legs and has stunted growth. He currently uses both a power and manual wheelchair to get around. There are less than 200 known cases of Seth’s disorder, and sadly most children succumb to the disease before they reach adulthood.


Despite Seth’s challenges, he remains an outgoing young man with several fun interests. He loves to watch 80s classics such as the Ninja Turtles and Ghostbusters. He also likes to collect Ninja Turtle action figures. Seth is a proclaimed “Swifty”, and his favorite song is “Cruel Summer.” He plays on a special needs T-ball team, and also enjoys watching basketball and baseball; however, his favorite activity is swimming! Family vacations to Florida beaches are among one of his best memories. Seth is an inspiration to all he meets. He never gives up and chooses laughter as his medicine of choice!


Seth is in need of a stander. This stander will help improve his posture, range of motion and promote standing mobility and social interaction. Please be his sponsor!