Meet 11-year-old Smehan.   This sweet girl was not meeting typical milestones and was frequently falling. She was eventually diagnosed with a progressive disorder known as Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 3. She is unable to perform simple tasks. She is also confined to a wheelchair. Smehan, however, is happy despite her tribulations.


Smehan has a fun array of interests. She listens to music by the hit group 21 Pilots. She watches The Queen  on Netflix. Smehan attends fifth grade, and her favorite topics  are science and art. She is highly creative and loves to draw or make beautiful jewelry. Smehan has more interests, but her personality is the most important. She is described as kind and loving. She always helps her younger brothers. She brightens everybody’s day with her silly sense of humor. Laughing can be hard in today’s world, and even harder for a child who has trials that would frustrate most adults. Smehan pushes forward with a smile   and the brave determination of a hero.


Smehan needs a manual wheelchair to provide her with proper support and independent mobility. Please be her sponsor!