Meet Sofia!



Meet 17-year-old Sofia. In 2009, she suffered from a traumatic brain injury that caused hypoxia and many limitations. She cannot walk without her gait trainer. She has more challenges but remains strong. She is a joyful girl despite her trials.


Sofia has numerous upbeat interests. She is sensitive to violent movies and shows, especially if they have sad endings. Her favorite films are on the Hallmark Channel. She listens to fun music, especially by Michael Jackson. She likes relaxing in her garden or visiting the local park. Sofia also collects magical butterflies, , unicorns, and fairies. Most importantly, Sofia is a beautiful girl. She is grateful and remarked during a Thanksgiving, “Wow, we are so blessed to have all this food!” Sofia was with her mom looking outside at a nighttime rain. Her mom remarked that she cannot wish on the stars in the cloudy weather. Sofia responded, “It’s okay mommy. We have each other!” Sofia is so inspiring that she won an award through the local police department for being a positive role model. Sofia’s name has an apt meaning. She clearly defines wisdom.


Sofia needs a new gait trainer to improve comfort and her mobility. Please be her sponsor!