Meet 10-year-old Sophie. She was born prematurely and diagnosed at birth with cerebral palsy. Sophie had back surgery at the age of four, which caused her to be confined to a wheelchair. Sophie is a sweet and fun-loving girl despite her trials.


Sophie is highly intelligent, and it shows. Sophie has an advanced 9th grade reading level, and her favorite book is Arusha. She loves visiting museums and learning about all of the exhibits. Sophie is also creative. She makes beautiful pictures with a collection of art supplies. She even enjoys designing digital media. Sophie, most importantly, is a very engaging girl. She has leadership qualities and can initiate conversations on an array of topics. Sophie has mobility difficulties, but she certainly does not see herself as disabled. And we see her as a hero.


Sophie received a new Catalyst manual wheelchair that fits and provides her with appropriate postural support and comfort. She had outgrown her old chair, and thanks to the help of Ki Mobility and her sponsor, the Miami Elks, Sophie now has a chair that will fit her everyday needs!