Aashvi Gets a Bike!

Aashvi on bikeWheelchairs 4 Kids helped Aashvi get a specialized adaptive Rifton trike. The specialized trike is enabling Aashvi to exercise and increase her endurance and ability to walk distances and keep her joints mobile. The bike will also help to improve her cardiovascular strength. Aashvi had tried one of these bikes out in therapy and now is so happy to have one of her very own!

Aashvi is an 11 year-old girl with Arthrogryposis and Scoliosis who deals with progressive muscle contractures in her legs. Aashvi’s daily life is a challenge. She is a Florida girl who enjoys the summer days. The warm sunshine and refreshing water eases away her stress. Aashvi sometimes prefers to relax in a variety of ways at home. She plays musical instruments, including piano and guitar. She also watches YouTube videos. On this popular website, she learns about the latest beauty tips, like fingernail painting techniques. Aashvi is just like all the other girls her age who enjoy experimenting with beauty and fashion!