Adam in new stroller7 year old Adam gets a new convaid stroller! He was diagnosed with many devastating challenges, including cerebral palsy and Spastic Quadriplegia. His cognitive ability is equivalent to a 6 month-old child and he is non-verbal. He also cannot eat without a g-tube. Any one of these trials would be too difficult for most adults, but Adam’s strength is derived from an uncommon family.

Adam was adopted in 2014 by a very loving couple who already had several children. His mom and dad work hard to give the little boy a happy childhood, but they would not call it work. Mom and dad would define their experiences with Adam as a blessing. The first day of adoption Adam was not very responsive. Two years later and he can reveal a dimpled smile to melt your heart. So meet Adam AND his family. They make the world a better place.

Adam needed a lightweight wheelchair for transportation. This will help him to make doctor’s appointments. More importantly, Adam could get around town to spread his smile. Some things should be shared!