Aiden’s Story!

photo 1Wheelchairs 4 Kids got Aiden a specialized bicycle which will strengthen his legs. The new Rifton Tricycle will help Aiden’s ability to walk.

Four-year-old Aiden, was diagnosed with periventricular leukomalacia, spastic diplegia and cerebral palsy. These illnesses are difficult to utter in one breath and even more challenging to live with each day. Aiden refuses to surrender to these mountainous illnesses by simply being a kid.

Aiden, like most children, enjoys watching movies. His favorite is seeing Toy Story and the zany Buzz Lightyear. Aiden also spends time doing outside activities. He really becomes excited when visiting Kiddy Up Ranch, where riding horses is the perfect therapy for disabled children. Aiden, most of all, adores his family. They share the good and bad times and are always thankful for each day together.