Meet Alex!


Meet 12-year-old Alex. He was a healthy and carefree child for several years. Unfortunately, eight years ago a near drowning left him oxygen deprived and brain damaged. He spent nearly a year at All Children’s Hospital. He survived the ordeal, but not without consequences. Currently, Alex is nonverbal, although he understands questions and can blink yes or no. Alex reveals his adorable side when he responds by smiling or sticking out his tongue.  He is also dependent on his family for daily living skills. He uses a hyperbolic chamber every evening to increase his oxygen intake and improve his health. Alex necessarily takes over a dozen different medications and as a result he is often sleeping.  Alex remains a fighter with a happy heart.

Alex likes watching tv and movies similar to other kids his age, however, his family is the biggest reason for his happiness. He has a nine-year-old sister who enjoys reading to her older brother every night. His dedicated mom calls him her little peanut because he was born very small. Now that he’s grown, she says, “He’s my little cashew.”  Alex loves to cuddle with his mom, too. Alex also has a remarkable dad. His father was an EMT at the time of Alex’s accident. Dad used his training to save his son’s life; there is no bigger hero. Alex’s father is currently a D.J. and music producer. He created an inspiring song about Alex’s triumph over trial; the title is The Road to Recovery. Clearly, Alex and his family are the keynotes to a ballad of love.

Alex needs a wheelchair hitch for their family car so he can get around town and maintain important outings. Please be his sponsor!  



Alex finally has the hitch needed on his family’s car to be able to use the wheelchair lift they so desperately needed. A wheelchair lift provides a way for the family to be able to transport his wheelchair without having to lift it in and out of the car each time.