Alivia Gets A Rifton Pacer!

photo 2-2March 2015-Alivia needed a gait trainer to improve her mobility and balance. Wheelchairs 4 Kids partnered with the Knights of Columbus of St. Petersburg to get a Rifton Pacer to keep Alivia moving forward!

Two year-old Alivia, who was diagnosed with a chromosome disorder known as Microdeletion 22Q13. The illness has many difficult affects for the small girl. She is cognitively delayed and cannot verbally communicate. Alivia also does not have the ability to walk or operate a wheelchair. She discovers new ways, however, to adapt.

Alivia is learning to use sign language while watching her favorite video Signing Time, by Rachel Coleman. The innovative and helpful series provides tools for Alivia to communicate with other people. She also copes with her challenges by attending music therapy at All Children’s Hospital. The incredible program assists Alivia in dealing with fear, pain and other types of stress. In every step is Alivia’s mom & grandmom, who describes Alivia as the happiest little girl ever!
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