Meet Angel!



Meet eight-year-old Angel. He was diagnosed with transverse myelitis, which is a condition where nerve signals from the spinal cord are not transmitted throughout the body. He walks using canes as a result of the illness. His verbal skills are also limited. The young boy is not mired by his limitations.


Angel has similar interests to other children his age. He watches the cartoons Spiderman and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He enjoys reading, too. His favorite parts of school are hanging out with hiss friends or doing fun projects in art class. Most importantly, Angel is very caring. He is always willing to share  his toys with other kids. He also listens to his mom and helps her as much as possible. Angel may not have a halo. He has something just as precious. A heart of gold.







Angel received forearm crutches, he was trying to walk using store bought canes. These would fall and get away from him, causing him to try to walk unassisted.  Now, Angel can walk with a higher level of confidence knowing his crutches will always be at his side.