Annie on New Porch

Annie Jo gets a new wheelchair ramp!

Annie Jo was diagnosed with Osteogenesis Imperfecta, also known as Brittle Bone Disease, at birth.  Brittle Bone Disease causes the bones to break and fracture easily, and this is something that she will have to endure throughout her life.  Although faced with many obstacles, this 2 1/2 year old is full of joy.  Her family says, “to know her is to love her”.  Her smile is contagious, and she’s smiling extra big today!  Wheelchairs 4 Kids is honored to have been able to help Annie Jo and her family get the new wheelchair ramp for their home.

Living in a rural community, word traveled fast about the need for a wheelchair ramp at Annie’s home. The contractor, a local man with a big heart, designed and built the 40-foot ramp completely free of charge; his crew joined in and volunteered their time, as well! When we reached out to the Mayor of Annie’s small town, he was more than happy to help with the cost of material. The kindness that was shown towards this small-town sweetheart was a very special sight to see, and we are very thankful for all who helped in making this project such a success for Annie Jo.

Keep smiling Annie Jo!

New Porch-Ramp Ent New Porch-Front New Porch-Side