Meet Arianna!




Meet eight-year-old Arianna. This little girl suffered a tragedy that left her  with a spinal cord injury, causing paralysis below the waist and confinement to a manual wheelchair. She remains remarkable despite her life-changing trauma.


 Arianna is best described as all-around awesome. She is highly intelligent and cannot wait for reading class. She likes  reading a popular series of books, Junie B Jones, by Barbara Park. She also watches movies; her favorite is Mary Poppins. Arianna has a creative side, too. She can spend hours coloring and doing art projects. She especially enjoys  making beautiful pictures of her favorite animal, unicorns. She even has a legendary-sized collection of these mythological creatures. Arianna’s best trait, however, is her kind heart. She adores her family and friends. This is obvious when Arianna lights up whenever seeing somebody she loves. Meet Arianna. She turned tragedy into triumph. From her paralysis came perfection.


Arianna received her custom made hand trike. With this she is able to have fun and enjoy riding a bike like all her friends while she is getting needed cardiovascular and pulmonary exercise.