Meet Avery!



Meet 13-year-old Avery. He was diagnosed with several Illnesses, including unspecified neuropathy of the lower extremities. He endured surgeries to lengthen his ligaments. Avery struggles walking and standing despite the procedures he remains joyful with the help of his dedicated family.


Avery and his family have strong ways to bod. They listen to 90’s music and dance while cooking or cleaning the house. Avery also likes watching his older brothers play football. The youngest sibling is their biggest fan. In fact, they are very close. The older brothers help mom to take care of Avery while their courageous dad is deployed in the military. Clearly, this is a family of heroes.


Avery received a specialized tricycle with hand-assist pedals to help him exercise his legs. This special trike allows him to work out his arms as well as his legs! This will build his muscles in upper and lower extremities.