Brian gets a new Quickie Zip Zone Wheelchair!


September 2014-Brian needed a manual wheelchair for independence and exercise. Wheelchairs 4 Kids was able to provide him with a new light weight Quickie Zip Zone wheelchair.  Now it is so much easier to transport the wheelchair in the family mini-van when they need to visit a doctor or embark on a fun day at the beach.

Brian has Cerebral Palsy and he is also a Spastic Quadriplegic. He is able to crawl and is working to utilize a walker. He never gives in to his disability and stays positive by having fun.

Brian loves his friends and enjoys every moment they hang-out together. An activity they frequently share is eating ice cream. Very few things make Brian smile like a cool scoop of the frozen goodness!  His favorite thing, however, is wrestling, Brian absolutely loves watching WWE Wrestling.