Meet Caleb!



Meet 10-year-old Caleb. He was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, an illness that causes progressive muscle weakness. He walks short distances and uses a wheelchair during school. Caleb needs help from his friends who push him between classes. The young boy, however, does not let the illness control his life.


Caleb is very passionate; he puts everything possible into his interests. He listens to music and has a playlist that could rival a radio dj’s repertoire. He plays his favorite songs all day, too. Caleb is captivated by the Destiny and FortNite video games. He attends school and excels in his social studies class. Furthermore, Caleb fixates on various topics. He was curious about Tom Cruise and watched the actor’s films within a week. Caleb will conduct research on something he learned in a museum. Another way to describe Caleb is loving. Caleb is always expressing his love for his family; he frequently wants to give them hugs. Meet Caleb and maybe he will hug you, too. After all, he brightens our world, one embrace at a time.


Caleb received 2 ramps to use in his home. These ramps allow him to enter his home and move around his home in a independent way. He has access to every single room in his house!


Thank you to all our donors and sponsors that made this possible!