Caleb’s New Trotter!


Caleb Success pic


Wheelchairs 4 Kids was able to provide a Trotter mobile positioning chair for 10 year-old Caleb who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and is cognitively delayed. He is nonverbal. Caleb also cannot sit-upright without support. Caleb is now able to go out into the community more efficiently than before and will be able to be more active socially!

Caleb is described as having a great sense of humor. Laughter, for this brave child, is the one medicine which can remove any distress. Furthermore, Caleb is a lovable people person. He watches with wide curious eyes everyone who crosses his path. This is also very convenient for him, because everyone is drawn to the sweet laughing boy.

Mom sent this message to us:

“As you can see, Caleb enjoys his chair!!  He was able to go to bible school and attends Sunday school, every week.  The boys in the class have accepted him and he has enabled the boy population to “rule the school” – something the boys are proud of.  They ask Caleb to sit with them and even share the birthday cake, which wasn’t such a good idea for his G-tube….

Thank-you very much for everything you did to make Caleb’s life as typical as possible!”

~Caleb’s Family