Meet Castiel!



Meet seven-year-old Castiel. He was diagnosed with Multiple Arthrogryposis, which has caused mountainous obstacles. Castiel’s joints from neck to ankles have contractures. He has severe scoliosis. His hips are also displaced. He cannot walk or grab objects. For mobility, Castiel uses a wheelchair. He is also cognitively underdeveloped and nonverbal. The young boy remains happy even with his insurmountable sufferings.

Castiel is known as being fun. He likes listening to upbeat music. Castiel’s mom will pick him up and dance to the hit song, “Shake It Off.” Castiel beams whenever he dances with his mom. He also feels great being outdoors, especially when he gets to be in a swimming pool. Castiel is a different boy in the weightless environment and refreshing water. He blows bubbles and splashes. He has an infectious playful spirit and continually surprises everybody with his antics. Meet Castiel and understand the healing power of laughter.

Castiel received specialized therapy equipment for his home to keep his joints moving and strong. With this equipment he now has an activity to do at home that promotes over-all well being but also helps him with balance, movement and muscle strength.