Chris Gets a New Freedom Concepts Bike!

Christopher Hernandez

November 2014-Chris was 13 years old when he was first able to test ride a special Freedom Concepts tricycle during a “Bike Day” at his therapy clinic. Chris pedaled for hours as if he was trying to leave behind his disability. Now Chris has a Freedom Concepts Bike of his own to use at home! This is giving him an opportunity to strengthen his legs while getting out into his community and having fun. Wheelchairs 4 Kids partnered with First Hand Foundation and Freedom Concepts to help Chris’ dream come true.

Chris was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy which has developed into numerous challenges for the teenage boy. Chris does not have use of his left arm. His left leg is shorter than the right leg and this causes an awkward walking gate and frequent falls. Chris does use a manual wheelchair for mobility. He still manages to pursue a happy life like many other boys his age.

Chris enjoys music, especially the blood-pumping tunes of rock and roll. He also watches football, and the team he would like to see in the Super Bowl is the Atlanta Falcons.