Cionee Rides in Comfort!

Wheelchairs 4 Kids provides Cionee with a new stroller.




This happy little lady is 8-years-old and is a victim of shaken baby syndrome, which caused Cerebrovascular disease.  At three months old Cionee was adopted by a beautiful soul whose heart is better than the rarest of gems.

Cionee is able to communicate despite incredible odds and obstacles. She comprehends speech and is able to repeat what is said to her. She especially loves being cute and sassy. If someone says “yes”, Cionee’s sure to say “no”!  This makes her a potential guest for the “Say Yes to the Dress” show!  Her favorite activity is joyously singing and playing tunes on a keyboard.  Cionee also has a favorite doll, which for her is irreplaceable. This doll has been glued and repaired by her mom several times. Mom also has an irreplaceable doll, and her name is Cionee.

Cionee had an old, broken stroller which caused much pain, but now she can ride in comfort with a new stroller provided by Wheelchairs 4 Kids. Cionee’s mom, Petrona, was grateful for the help.

“Thank you!  We appreciate what you have done.  The service was quick and fast.”  said Petrona.