Clayton’s Story!

20141209_183719December 2014-Wheelchairs 4 Kids helped Clayton get a customized lightweight, foldable stroller with head support and tilt for easy breathing. It is also able to accomodate his oxygen concentrator. Clayton was using a manual wheelchair that was heavy and cumbersome and hard to transport. Going on family excursions and keeping doctor’s appointments is now so much easier & quicker with the customized, lightweight stroller.

Clayton is a 3 year-old boy who endures many challenges. Clayton has a rare genetic abnormality, severe epilepsy, hypotonia and seizure disorder. This combination of diagnosis’ has taken away Clayton’s independence. He needs extra support to sit up and uses a G-tube for nutrition. Clayton also must have oxygen readily available. Clayton is unable to communicate verbally, but he can get his point across with his big eyes and amazing smile!

Clayton loves it when his mom reads to him. He also likes to gather with family and friends to watch sports on television because the action on the field mesmerizes him. Clayton loves being outside and feeling happy watching his brothers play.