Meet Cole!



Meet 13-year-old Cole. He was born prematurely with an infection and spent over a week in intensive care. Cole was also diagnosed with cerebral palsy. He has several limitations. His movement and speech are impaired. He can walk  but only with assistive devices. The young boy remains strong despite his trials.


Cole has numerous interests. He is a fan of American Ninja Warrior and the WWE—his favorite wrestler is Roman Raines.     He is a hard-working student who loves learning math. Cole is even a participant in Miracle League baseball, which is designed for people with special needs. Cole, most importantly, has a spectacular heart. He cheers for his friends in baseball. Cole is motivated to prove to people, and himself, that he can overcome his limitations. In certain cultures, Cole means victory. This inspiring boy is clearly victorious over his obstacles!


Cole needs a hygiene system for his bathroom for easier and safer washing practices. Please be his sponsor!   


Cole received his very own HTS chair from Rifton. He is happy as can be with the added independence while doing his bathroom necessities.

This chair will provide him with safety and dignity and, independence for his hygiene activities.