Meet 8 year-old Cort. He was born a happy and healthy boy, and then in 2015 a tragic car accident paralyzed Cort and killed his mom.  His grandparents now take care of the young boy. They are a loving but struggling family working through their loss. Cort has not given up, however, and he fights for every bit of joy.

Cort’s grandfather works on a farm, and his grandmother stays home to care for Cort. Each day Cort looks forward to helping his grandfather in their garden, and with any other chores he can help with on the farm. He is always concerned about his grandparents, even when they take care of his needs. He knows through tragedy the importance of life and family. Cort, like the heroes in his favorite cowboy films, is strong. The grandparents walk home into the sunset, with Cort always in the center of their bond.

Cort needed a new manual wheelchair, and now is able exercise and increase muscle strength.