Daniella’s Story!

20150214_171234Daniella and her family needed ramps and tie-downs for their vehicle. It was just not safe transporting her without these. Thanks to all of our donors and sponsors Daniella now is able to enjoy getting out in the community and her mom is able to get her to therapy and doctor’s appointments with convenience and ease.

5 year-old Daniella suffers from epilepsy, hypotonia, cortical blindness and global developmental delay. She frequently is overwhelmed by frightening seizures which have caused her to be hospitalized. She also cannot sit upright or maneuver a wheelchair. These unthinkable challenges would seem impossible to overcome; however, Daniella retains a spark of joy that never dims.

Daniella, as other children, loves Dora the Explorer and Elmo. Her favorite TV show, though, is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. The Magic of Disney always gets her eyes to twinkle like a wishing star. Daniella and her family occasionally take relaxing strolls outdoors. She particularly enjoys hearing the varieties of bird songs. Daniella finds delight in other ways, but her truest happiness comes from a strong heart. According to her mom, Daniella is always content and she never cries. Daniella is an example of courage for everyone who gets upset over life’s little paper cuts.