Wheelchairs 4 Kids Provides Vehicle Ramp for Wheelchair Bound Child

Thanks to Parrish Medical Center!


Danny’s mom is thrilled. No longer will she have to try to pick up Danny’s heavy, bulky wheelchair to take him to his medical appointments, therapy appointments of just a trip to the park! Thanks to Wheelchairs 4 Kids and Parrish Medical Center, Danny now has a convenient ramp that his mom can use to wheel his chair into the van after she has safely buckled Danny into his seat in the van.

“It’s a huge problem that we see every day” said Wheelchairs 4 Kids Executive Director, Madeline Robinson. “It’s something that most of us never even think about because it doesn’t affect us, but to these families, it means so much”.

Danny’s mom contacted Wheelchairs 4 Kids in hopes that they would be able to help. Danny, her eleven –year-old son has mitochondrial disease, a progressive metabolic disorder. He is unable to walk or talk, receives his nutrition via a G-tube and has difficulty holding his head up. He has seizures daily. His chair was too difficult to transport in the family van because of the weight and bulk of it. Sadly, his 16 month old sister has recently been given the same diagnosis.

Wheelchairs 4 Kids set out to find a solution that would work for the vehicle the family had. After discussing a few options, mom chose a ramp. The organization reached out to local businesses and civic organizations to sponsor Danny’s ramp and Parrish Medical Center answered the call. “We could never do what we do without the help of the community”, said Robinson. “We rely solely on the kindness of individuals, organizations and businesses who believe in the same values that we do. We are so grateful to Parrish Medical Center for playing such an important role”.

Danny’s mom is pretty happy too! No more sore back or bruised arms and legs from trying to maneuver the chair into the van!