Meet Darian


Darian is a 9-year-old little boy who struggles with cerebral palsy, as well as hearing loss.  He is a huge fan of Moana, and particularly loves Tamatoa, the crab who obsesses about being “shiny.”  Darian can even sing the song in Italian!  Darian’s favorite singer is Alex Ubago, and his favorite activity is going fishing.  

Darian’s physical therapist and doctor have both recommended an adaptive therapy trike to help Darian build strength and muscle in his legs, in the hopes that he will one day be able to walk independently, without his walker.  



Thanks to the kindness of the Miami Elks, Darian has received his therapy trike and is getting the exercise he needs, as well as having fun with his little brother, who encourages him to keep pedaling.  Darian’s therapist is thrilled because he is incredibly motivated to exercise now!