Meet Destinee!



Meet 11-year-old Destinee. She was diagnosed with spastic quadriplegia. She is unable to speak because of her illness. Instead, Destinee has learned to communicate with her eyes. She will also never be able to walk. Her spirit remains strong throughout these challenges.

 Destinee is highly intelligent. She attends school and always gets a perfect score on her favorite activity, classifying and sorting items. She also knows how to use the school network on a computer to communicate with her friends. Destinee loves story time, too. Destinee’s Cousins read her books and try to skip pages. The observant girl glares at them as if to say. “I know what you’re doing!” Most importantly, Destinee can brighten up a room with an angel’s brilliance. Destinee is not destined for greatness; she is already there.

 Destinee received a Special Tomato seating system to improve her posture and comfort while eating and doing other activities. Having a chair that is adjusted to her needs is not only confortable but extremely necessary as this chair provides straps to help Keep Destinee seated in a proper position making sure she does not fall out!