Meet Diego!



Meet eight-year-old Diego. He was diagnosed with Charcot Marie Tooth, a disorder which affects the peripheral nerves. Diego, as a result, has difficulty walking. He recently regressed after surgery that was to help with his sleep apnea. He once enjoyed numerous activities, like playing ball using his walker or riding go-carts. He can no longer do these favorite pastimes since his surgery. However, Diego remains a sweet boy.


 Diego’s mom describes her son as an old soul. His strength of spirit is evidenced by his compassion and determination. Diego likes sharing with his friends, although he has a hard time overcoming shyness. Diego also pushes through his challenges with a stubborn determination to never quit. He never complains when life throw’s new obstacles in his path. Diego simply smiles and keeps going forward. He inspires us to follow his lead.


Diego needs an ultra lightweight manual wheelchair to provide him independent mobility as his heavy and bulky power wheelchair can’t go many places.



Diego received his new wheelchair and loves it! He is now able to go out in the community and independently wheel around! Diego has a power wheelchair that could not be transported due to it’s size and weight. Now Diego has the ability to go wherever he wants!