Ella’s new tricycle!


Ella new tryke

Wheelchairs 4 Kids was able to get a specialized tricycle for Ella! The adaptive trike has hand and foot controls that are designed to improve Ella’s strength and coordination. She will also have a great time riding on the trike while getting the therapeutic benefits of exercising.

2 year old Ella is a darling girl who has immense challenges. She was diagnosed with Edwards syndrome, a chromosomal disorder. She has very low muscle tone and cannot sit upright without complete support. Another frustration for her is the inability to speak. Ella’s illnesses still do not prevent her from achieving happiness.

Ella’s mom sent this note along with a picture of her on her new bike “Thank you so much for providing Ella with this awesome bike! She is doing so well riding it and she loves it! We are so grateful for this organization and the wonderful work you are doing for our special kids”