Meet Emery!


Meet five-year-old Emery. She was diagnosed with Congenital muscular dystrophy. Emery is unable to walk or stand as a result of the illness, although she can scoot around on the floor. Emery does not stop living merely because of her illness.


Emery is very active. She plays nonstop. Her favorite activity is going out and exploring her world. She is also a little chatter bug and tries to involve herself in any conversation topic. She can spend hours playing fetch with her toy schnauzer. Rare quiet times, however, include listening to music by Jojo Siwa and watching videos or Ryan’s Toys Reviews. She even attends pre-k school and loves creating paintings worthy of posting on her fridge. More importantly, Emery is more concerned with other people than her own daily struggles. Maybe there is a reason. Emery does not see her life as being a struggle, but an opportunity to overcome. This is how heroes are made.


Emery received a therapy tricycle to improve her leg strength, stamina, and endurance. She loves playing on her trike around the neighborhood.