Meet Emily!


Meet 19-year-old Emily. She was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and developmental delay. Emily, as a result of the illness, necessarily  uses a reverse walker for independent mobility. She continues to move forward despite this limitation.


 Emily appears to be a typical teenage girl. She likes anything Disney, but her favorite show is That’s So Raven. She enjoys the serene nature of science class in school. Her favorite at-home activities include playing on her phone and watching tv. Emily also listens to music by Justin Beber; she has even been to two of his concerts.  She loves her pet Chihuahua named Belle. Emily enjoys more things in her life, but the importance is not what, but how. We’ve all gone through the challenges of teenage years. Hanging onto the last vestiges of youth while being thrust, eagerly or nervously,  towards adulthood. Emily is at the end of her teenage years while facing real adult challenges since her childhood. She balances both limitations and life. Emily is anything but typical. This makes her extraordinary.     

 Emily used to have a reverse walker, until she and her mom were having lunch at the mall and the equipment was stolen from the trunk of their car. Losing the equipment was like removing her legs—she lost all freedom. Please be a generous sponsor and provide her with a reverse walker with a seat. Please be a sponsor to help regain her freedom.