Meet Fabianna!



Meet three-year-old Fabianna. She was diagnosed with a very difficult neuromuscular disorder known as spinal muscular atrophy type 1. She is cognitively equivalent to an infant and nonverbal as a result of her condition. She is also completely dependent on her family for all daily activities. Fabianna is a sweet little girl despite her relentless illness.

Fabianna  is not able to enjoy activities like other kids her age. Stimulation tends to upset this sensitive girl. She simply enjoys being peaceful in her crib and watching cartoons, like Pocoyo. Maybe what’s important is not what she can do to have fun, but what she does to bring joy. Her simple but complicated life brings perspective to our own lives, and especially to her mom’s life. This dedicated lady finds meaningful joy by taking care of her daughter. Holding Fabianna during the bad times. Seeing her sweet smile during the good. And in all moments in between, feeling blessed. The mom describes her daughter best, “My little Angel. God sent her to me so I could take care of her.”

 Fabianna needs a special tomato seat to provide her with an alternative to being in the crib. Please be her sponsor!  




Fabiana eceived a Special Tomato Activity chair with a rolling base. She finally has a place to be other than her crib when she is at home. This will make her be able to take part of more family activities like meals and movie time!