Meet Gabriel!



Meet 20-year-old Gabriel. Doctors have not been able to give him a diagnosis, but he has numerous limitations. He is cognitively equivalent to an infant. He is nonverbal as a result of this challenge. He also has an unusual gait which makes walking impossible without assistance. Gabriel gets swollen knees and blisters  on his feet even with the aide. This brave boy remains determined to be happy regardless of his life’s trials.


Gabriel enjoys many fun activities. He watches action cartoons. He listens to 70’s and 80’s music with his parents. He attends school and works hard at learning new things, including communicating with his teachers. He likes all kinds of food, but chocolate lights him up as if to say, “Mmm, yum! More please!” During hot days in the sun, Gabriel’s favorite activity is cooling down in a swimming pool. Gabriel is also never alone: he has five adorable dogs always by his side, and he loves having their attention! More importantly, Gabriel just enjoys being around friends and family. And this is clear. Everybody gravitates towards the bright star that is Gabriel.


Gabriel needs a manual wheelchair. The new chair will greatly improve his mobility and comfort. Please be his sponsor!   




Gabriel received his new wheelchair. He is now much more comfortable in his new chair with the proper accessories that will also keep him safe! A great big thanks to everyone involved in making sure Gabriel got the very best!